Friday, August 22, 2008

Charles Street Garden

One of our gardens at The Pittsburgh Project was mysteriously chosen to be judged by a state gardening program. If we win, we get a prestigious award. If we don't, we get these cool pictures that were taken by the judge. Either way we win.

This is a picture of our Charles street garden. The section shown is our "Native American" garden. The students in our "GREEN" class picked themes for our raised beds on Charles Street. We are excited to begin our third year of ecology class and this year we have 5 acres of woods, 1.5 acres of farm, 6 city lots of raised beds, 1 terraced courtyard, and our own classroom to teach in.

This is the entrance to one side of our Charles Street gardens. The gate is made out of old pallets, and the trellis is made of scrap wood. Not bad for garbage.