Thursday, February 7, 2008


Question: What's wrong with Pittsburgh?

Answer: Most people with means, most people with hope, most people with sense leave.

What then shall we do? In my own life, I am currently wrestling with issues of purpose, faith, and community. I am attempting to answer this question by living intentionally where I work, worshiping within walking distance of my house, and working on improving the living conditions of my neighborhood.

I read an iteresting article that was describing the decline of "mill-towns" like Pittsburgh. The bottom line: As long as the factory owners lived in the town where their mills operated, the living conditions in the town were wonderful--parks, good schools, clean streets, and the factories were clean. But when the factory owners moved out of town, the living conditions in the communtiy deteriorated; the factories as a result, or perhaps this is what caused the owners to move, were producing thick clouds of black smoke.

So what am I supposed to conclude? Live where you work. I don't know, is this too much to ask?